«Creating a new quality of life that meets modern european trends, here in our hometown, is more than a pursuit for us - it's our purpose in life»

Sergey Kiselev [CEO]

Mission & Vision

Creating assets with lasting value

A great building should be like a musical instrument –made by skilled artisans who anticipate every nuance of the musicians who will someday give it life. You are the virtuoso of your own home; no one knows how to live in it better than you – but wouldn’t you love it to have all the features you need to play its sweetest songs – the song of your heart?


To us the most important relationship you have, and the foundation of all the others in your life, is the relationship with your home. We want to foster this relationship in every way: our passion is to create a place of living that gives you the freedom to create art of your life exactly as you imagine it.


Philosophy and approach

Where exceptional is the standard

The basis of all sketches, ideas and developments of our company are the dreams and needs of the people, who will come together with 2MEN GROUP.

Creating the new spaces of your home today, we understand which requirements for the quality of life will be in the coming decades. To anticipate your expectations, we need continuous reflection, improvement to the quality of our work, and to gain new knowledge and experience. Studying the current global trends in construction, decoration and architecture, we are continuously searching for a certain individuality. Our goal - to find the best solution for you.

In all of our undertakings, we desire for the best. We meticulously build relationships with each partner and approach the selection of technologies, methods, processes and materials used for our projects with great precision. Thanks to the consistent quality control, we monitor all stages of the work, providing the promised result. Philosophy of cooperation, hard work and dedication clearly reveals the name of our company - 2MEN GROUP.

Management & Team

Put our experience to work for you

Experience the comfort and quality of life on a completely different level. You can feel how much effort and energy our experts put into each project, starting from the conception of the idea until the moment when the keys to the apartment will be in your hands.

We build for the present and future of our customers, creating exclusive homes, the value of which will continue to grow from year to year. Today’s investment is an investment in the future of the next generations.

The work of our team is manifested in the quality implementation of each part, the usage of safe building materials and modern technology, and the basis of our work forms our time-tested partnerships.