Projektbild Apartment complex

Apartment complex

Apartments with European levels of comfort and security

Category: Address: ul. Cheluskinzev

For high-status customers 2MENGROUP company is going to in the near future build apartments with European levels of comfort and securitycorresponding to the respectability of the historical center of the city.

The concept of the future complex will be represented as a unified complex of three buildings of different heights, united by their shape and materials into a unified volumetric and spatial composition.

This project will accommodate apartments (VIP-flats with hotel service), penthouses (roof apartments with panoramic view and terraces), confectionery and shops (gourmet store, gift shop, luxury garment boutique, jewelry store). An underground parking lot will include valet parking services.

The appliance of eco-friendly arch bricks, chemically non-reflecting glass and non-oxidized copper  -  a natural long-lasting and very beautiful material, will attract the eye of passers-by on the background of the cityscape.

Skewed wide window frames made of brick and variable widths of rectangular floor-to-ceiling  windows will ennoble the whole architectural composition and form a free and dynamic facade.

A small fountain, benches and tables in summer, and new year trees in winter will be placed on the side of Cheluskinzev Street.

According to the idea of the project’s authors, the concept of the building intends to combine the public orientation with comfortable living in a modern house with European levels of comfort and security.

Project’s author – Architectural Studio Eller+Eller, Dusseldorf.

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